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Gulf Coast HydroBikes

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Explorer 1 Close OUT Price @ $2000.00 ea. includes tax

The World’s # 1 Selling Water Bike

Hydrobike Explorer is Stable and well balanced  Swimming/snorkeling - - you can climb off and back onto the side decks without tippingPROPELLER DRIVEN FOR FAST ANDEFFICIENT PERFORMANCEThe HydroBike is no slow pedal boat. The HydroBike’scomputer designed propulsion system features a 90%efficient propeller which allows you to cruise 5-6 milesper hour with minimum effort

Made in The USA

Useful for Overall Health and Wellness - - peaceful, tranquil, very relaxing ride  Relationship Building- - quality time with the kids in a quiet, calm, and enjoyable setting  Photography - - birds, wildlife, aquatic life - - Hydrobike Explorer is stable and well balancedTOTALLY PORTABLEHydroBikes disassembled fit inthe back of pickup trucks, vans,SUVs, and on roof racks installedon cars. Our HydroPal trailer isthe perfect fit for transportation.Handy carrying straps on bothends of the Hydrobike makeit easy to lift, move around,or carry. The HydroBike canbe assembled or disassembledby one person in 3-4 minuteswithout tools. It’s easy. Theinventor thought of everything!

Hydrobikes can be used for a wide variety of water activity

 Fishing - - Quietly Pedal to the perfect spot and go where Powered Boats cannotSightseeing, Adventure, Eco tours, Exploration and having fun - - just like land biking  Exercise, Training - - Great for Endurance, Muscle Tone, Rehab, and Cardiovascular workout  A study by Frank Katch, Professorof Exercise Science at the Universityof Massachusetts, and VictorKatchwater, Professor of MovementScience at the University ofMichigan, found that moderatewater cycling (about 60% maximum)burned an average of 546 calories perhour. The caloric burn is 8% greaterthan outdoor bicycling at a speed of10 to 12 miles per hour.

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